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Nguyen Doan Ha Ly

25/03/2013 22:16

Ly was a graduate of Faculty of PR and Advertising and is currently recruited as a lecturer at the Faculty. Ly will become an official lecturer of Faculty of PR and Advertising after completing the M.A program at Hong Kong Baptist University in 2014




Research Interest: Mobile Marketing, Media Buying, International Advertising




 In the senior year of undergraduate program in Advertising at Academy of Journalism and Communication,  Ly participated in the communicational project, known as "Redraw the Line", which is aimed at calling for action in response to the Climate Change. The project was organized by The Media Alliance (Singapore) in cooperation with The Asian Development Bank (ADB). During college, Ly joined Gapit Communications JSC, an agency offering mobile value-added services and mobile marketing, first as an intern and then as Marketing Executive.

Ha Ly did the dissertation on "The Interactivity and Customization of Mobile Marketing and the Development Trend in Vietnam".

Upon graduation, Ly worked as English Editor at Vietnamese Journal of Urbanism.

Since March, 2013, Ly has been accepted as Trainee Lecturer at Faculty of Public Relations and Advertising, Academy of Journalism and Communication.

From August, 2013 to June, 2014, Ly is going to pursue the M.A program in International Journalism Studies at Hong Kong Baptist University.



Faculty of Public Relations and Advertising

Academy of Journalism and Communication

Floor 7, Administrative Building

Tel: (04) 37.546.963. Ext 708

Email: hl631990@yahoo.com

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